Finishing Graduate College 2019

Updated: Jan 26

When you realize that you are in your last semester of college and will have to find work and the challenges faced when new obstacles appear. Then there are those times when you realize that college hasn't really prepared you for the full brunt attack of reality.

Going to the School of Visual Arts was an amazing experience in my life, being ale to learn Cartooning and Animation while taking that knowledge and applying it to the real world. How-ever, post-graduation darker days start over casting the lighter days, making everything seem more hellish then they appear.

But what also makes the situation after graduating worse than it is, the many and I mean many jobs and internships out there but the degree you or I get seems like nothing. And all the creativity and aspirations of the diploma doesn't fully prepare you or I for the real world let alone a job that is 9 to 5.

Living in New York let alone renting in New York is a challenge that is faced by many, but there are those who have debt or student loans to pay; while the lucky few had family support or some form of support to pay the tuition, which adds to the pressure.

I felt anxiety, trying to figure out what to do and how to go about the job/internship search, and though I took a class in career search and the process, looking back I realized it didn't fully help me in the search. I began to think 'Will I make my path? What do I do now? Where do I start? Can I really get to my goals?'

There is one thing that I realized many fresh art-student graduates experience is anxiety and I'm not alone in thinking that because my friends have better jobs than me or is doing a bit better than me. I always wonder if I'm left with anything good or have, I made a mistake?

There is some hope though and now being 2022 and long since I left this post I reflect on the crazy year that is 2020 and 2021, with the start of the Corona Virus pandemic of 2020, and the few things learned from my experiences in the last 2 years since I graduated pre-pandemic.

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