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Gaining the upper hand

As a senior in college you gain a whole new perspective on life. The realization that you are going to be working in the real world. Graduating and receiving a job are two entirely different aspects of life that is not talked about till senior year in high school and throughout college till senior year.

As a young student you have to get a feel for the competition that is why as an artist gaining a following on social media differs from meeting people face to face. To get the upper hand in the workforce, you have to have a skill set or at least skills that are valued.

For me at the School of Visual Arts this year, I'm taking animation courses and hope to incorporate them into my work, so far I have one video that I posted on my website that I would like to have feed back on. All artists struggle to get a job it doesn't mean you won't get one. Companies will either hire or not depending on what they look for.

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